World Fellows Podcast Series

In this podcast series, World Fellows director Emma Sky talks with Fellows about their lives and work. To download and listen to all podcasts in the series, go to iTunesU or the World Fellows page on Soundcloud

Recent podcasts: 

2016 World Fellow Gernot Laganda
Gernot Laganda reflects on how international organizations address aid, development, and climate change. Listen

2016 World Fellow Joshin Raghubar
Joshin Raghubar talks about the challenges facing South Africa and his work as a social entrepreneur. Listen

2016 World Fellow Sughra Ahmed
Sughra Ahmed, former chair of Islamic Society of Britain, talks about growing up Muslim and British, and the role of religion in society. Listen

2016 World Fellow Mustafa Haid
Syrian human rights activist Mustafa Haid talks about the civil war in Syria and how to end it. Listen

2016 World Fellow Kanbar Hossein-Bor
Kanbar Hossein-Bor, talks about his childhood in Iran, arriving in the UK as a refugee, and his current work as a British diplomat. Listen

2016 World Fellow Belabbes Benkredda
Belabbes Benkredda, the founder of Munathara Initiative, a debating forum in the Arab world, discusses the post-truth era and how to protect the public sphere. Listen