Dream Archive

Had a dream last night? Published something about it on major social network? If you’re in a few select cities, that data is headed to one of the most ethereal video installations that’s ever been. 

World Fellow Salvatore Iaconesi (2014) has created software that captures information about dreams across social networks in a city - that data is pulled into a database and then uploaded into video form. One Million Dreams is a generative video lasting about 200 hours. It shows, instant by instant, a whole year of dreams captured from social networks.

Preview the installation here:  

In the video, dreams are captured, processed and categorized using natural language analysis to understand people’s emotions around their dreams. Categories include: “job”, “love”, “school”, “money”, “environment”, “relations”, “family”, “memories” and “future”. 

Salvatore and team are simply creating the largest dream archive on the planet: a global library of the dreams of all humanity.  The open source database will allow individuals to contribute dream data, search for dreams and extract them, make apps out of the information, research, play, analyze and more.

The video is now headed to FILE – The Electronic Language International Festival in São Paulo - where dreams will be captured and visualized in a real-time installation. The Festival runs now through October 5th. 

And check out Salvatore’s website, Art is Open Source, for more on his work.