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Analogue Leadership in a Digital Generation

October 29, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Join Stephanie Busari and Evan Mawarire, 2020 World Fellows, as they discuss Africa's leadership renewal. Africa is the youngest continent in the world, and yet is run by some of the world's oldest leaders. In 2015, young people aged 15-24 made up 20% of Africa's population, and yet the mean age of the ten oldest African leaders was 80.2 years, 4 times older than the average African citizen. Stephanie, who is Nigerian, and Evan, from Zimbabwe, will lead a discussion on what this phenomenon of analogue leadership means for Africa's digital generation. In particular, they will examine the ways in which leaders threatened by the tools that give young Africans a voice have responded to social movements, such as Ugandan President Museveni's tax on social media in 2019 to control online "gossip". Stephanie, leader of CNN's Nigeria bureau, will share her perspective as a journalist crafting a new African narrative, having chronicled these issues for many years; while Evan will contribute his personal experience as a victim of analogue leadership, having led a movement born on Facebook for which he faced an 80-year prison sentence on charges of treason against Robert Mugabe's government. Eddie Mandhry, Director for Africa and the Middle East at Yale, will moderate the discussion. Open to the public, please register in advance to receive the Zoom meeting information.
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