Forum 2013: Rethink


Forum 2013: A game-changing event. We brought together a group of inspiring leaders, revolutionary thinkers and advocates for social change:  you. And this year, for the first time, we opened Forum up to a select number of guests from outside the program - leaders from foundations, partner organizations, non-governmental and governmental organizations and businesses.

Why Rethink? We turned Forum into a place to discuss local and global issues differently, creatively and without boundaries. That, we think, is where the good stuff can happen. What new or unheard-of tactics can help move sustainability efforts from theory to practice? How can cities respond creatively (through design and urban planning, for example) to violence? Are social businesses tackling problems in ways non-profits and corporations could learn from? How can we stop thinking about “The African Continent” and start recognizing diversity and the innovation coming from individuals and countries? 

There’s a palpable, creative, intellectual energy when World Fellows from so many different backgrounds and talent silos come together. Thank you for joining us for Forum 2013.

Forum 2013 was by invitation only.  Interested in who came this year? Click here.
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Curious about what happened at 2013 Forum? Or just feeling nostalgic? We understand - it was a great four days. Check out the full schedule here

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The talented and amazingly creative Connecticut based artist Constanza Segovia joined us for Forum 2013. She sat in on a number of conversations and events throughout Forum and “doodled” her way through them. The results are pretty amazing. For more of these, click here


Snapshots from the week below. Want more? Click here

Photos: Christopher Capozziello