Forum 2015

We look forward to welcoming you at the 2015 Forum. The goal of this event is to show the impact of World Fellows to Yale and the world, as well as to nurture and invigorate the YWF network. As the YWF Program joined Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs this year, YWFs will be participating in the Jackson Forum as a part of the program on Friday, October 16th. Santander Bank, N.A., through Santander Universities, is a sponsor of this event, and a longtime supporter of the Yale World Fellows.

2015 Forum Program


Arrival of the participants. Feel free to arrange informal get-togethers or your own meetings in New Haven.


GM room of the Horchow Hall, 55 Hillhouse Avenue  |  Dress code: casual

9.30-10.15  Registration  |  Welcome tea and coffee served  |  Horchow Hall

10.15-11.00  YWF Program: Vision for the Future   |  Plenary and interactive discussion  |  Led by Emma Sky, YWF Program Director; Senior Fellow,  Jackson Institute for Global Affairs

11.00-12.00 Conversations without Borders: Refugee Crisis  | Panel discussion  |  Moderated by Emma Sky  |  Panelists: Mina Al-OraibiStephen ShashouaRahul PanditaNjoya Tikum  |  The conversation will be live-streamed - click here to watch 

12.00-13.00  Lunch  |  Served at Horchow Hall, buffet-style  |  Joined by students, faculty and staff of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs attending the annual Jackson Forum

13.00-13.15  Embracing Values-Based Leadership  |  Jackson Forum opening plenary​ session   Welcome from Jim Levinsohn, Director, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs; Charles W. Goodyear Professor in Global Affairs and Professor of Economics and Management  

13.15-14.15  Leadership in Global Context  |  Panel discussion on the challenges facing the global world in the realm of global affairs  |  Moderated by Tara Chandra  |  Participants: Elizabeth Bradley, Unni Karunakara, Akisa Omulepu, Beth Goldberg

14.15-15.15  Jackson Insights  |  Four focused talks by the Jackson Institute students, winners of a competition to present at the Forum

15.15-15.30  Introduction to Creative Foresight Workshops  |  Led by Pablo Bereciartua and Sergey Sirotenko 

15.30-16.30  Coffee Break and Creative Foresight Workshops |  Coffee served in breakout rooms  

16.30-17.00  Jackson Forum Closing Plenary, Reflections and Action Points

17.00-18.00  Cocktail Reception (optional)

19.00-22.00  YWFs Gala Dinner: Talent Show  | Union League Cafe, 1032 Chapel St., private room on the second floor  |  Led by Daniel Juárez  |  Dress code: casual 


GM Room of the Horchow Hall, 55 Hillhouse Avenue  |  Dress code: casual 

10.00-10.30  Welcome Coffee

10.30-12.00  Sustainable Development Goals: YWFs Shaping the Global World    Interactive group work  |  Facilitated by Taz Chaponda and Shuaihua “Wallace” Cheng

12.00-13.00  Working Lunch  |  Served in Horchow Hall

13.00-15.00  Group Discussion on the Future of the YWF Network  |  Facilitated by Valerie Belanger and Sergey Sirotenko

15.00-15.30  Reflections and Closing Remarks

Departure of the participants.