The Program

During the four month residential program (from mid-August to mid-December), Greenberg World Fellows are fully immersed in the Yale community.


The weekly seminar on the ‘good society’ stimulates discussion on human nature, systems of government, equality and justice, and leadership. By sharing their own reflections, and listening to the experiences of others, Fellows are challenged to reflect on their fundamental values, their work to date, and ways to lead meaningful lives contributing to the betterment of their own societies and humanity.

Distinguished SPeakers

Each week, Fellows host distinguished speakers for discussions on a wide range of global issues. During the off-the-record conversations, Fellows are able to ask hard questions as well as hear the personal side of professional trajectories.

Personal Development

Fellows can audit any of the 2,000+ courses offered at Yale, work on individual or collaborative projects, and conduct independent research. They have the opportunity to build relationships with Yale faculty and students, giving talks and lectures and engaging in informal dialog and debate. Fellows are encouraged and assisted to draw up personal development plans in order to benefit from individual coaching, skills development, and learning opportunities during the program. 


Mentoring Yale students is a key component of the program. Students (both undergraduate and graduate) apply to be liaisons to specific World Fellows, helping to ensure that the Fellows are fully immersed in life and Yale and seeking, at the same time, to build lasting relationships and gain advice on life and careers. Fellows are also encouraged to volunteer with community organizations based in New Haven. 


Learn more about applying to become a Yale Greenberg World Fellow.