Student Liaisons

The Student Liaison Program offers Yale students a chance to expand their horizons far beyond traditional academic opportunities, glimpsing the global impact of a World Fellows cohort, while working directly with an individual Fellow. Imagine having access to a truly accomplished global citizen; one who is already driving systemic political changes, creating more sustainable ecosystems, or upending human rights inequalities (just a few examples).

During the fall term, while the World Fellows are on campus, each is partnered with a small group of Liaisons (a mix of Yale undergraduate and graduate students). Liaisons assist Fellows with everything from event planning to campus integration, while benefiting from the mentorship each Fellow provides in return. The lasting relationships between Liaisons and World Fellows drive meaningful experiences on campus and ongoing impact around the globe.

How To Apply: The application deadline for the Fall 2021 Liaison program was 12:00 noon on August 16 and has now passed.
Expectations of Liaisons:
  • Assist your Fellow in organizing campus talks, including marketing and publicizing these events to bring together those interested in the topic of discussion
  • Develop opportunities for World Fellows to engage with students across campus
Eligibility: The World Fellows Student Liaison program was open to all Yale College and Yale graduate and professional school students who were actively enrolled in the Fall 2021 semester.