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Eligibility Questions

Am I a competitive candidate?

To determine if you would be a competitive candidate for the Yale Greenberg World Fellows Program, please take a look at the biographies of previous Fellows and the application information page. Admission to the Greenberg World Fellows Program is extremely competitive; we receive several thousand applications for the limited number of fellowships awarded each year. Please do not email the program to ask if you are eligible or a competitive candidate as we cannot prescreen applicants and do not provide individual feedback.

Do I need to be a certain age to qualify ?

The Yale Greenberg World Fellows Program does not require applicants to be a specific age. Please note, however, that the program is designed for aspring leaders with a demonstrable track record of success. The youngest applicant ever accepted was 27 years old and the average age of a Greenberg World Fellow is 39.

Does the Greenberg World Fellows Program require test scores exhibiting proficiency in the English language?

The program does not require TOEFL or IELTS test scores as part of the application process. Should an applicant progress to the final stages of selection, his/her English fluency will be assessed during a phone interview.

Must I be fluent in English?

Yes, applicants must be fluent in English. Fellows must be able to read and understand complex academic texts, give oral presentations in front of small and large audiences, and build professional and personal relationships with colleagues and distinguished guests – in English.

Does the fellowship accept students or academics?

The Greenberg World Fellows Program does not accept full-time students or full-time academics. The fellowship is designed for non-academic practitioners. If your primary occupation is student or scholar and you are interested in spending time at Yale, please contact the academic department that aligns with your academic or research interests.

Does the fellowship provide scholarships or financial support to students who wish to attend Yale University?

No, we do not offer any type of financial aid or scholarships to students wishing to enroll in a degree granting program at Yale.  Questions regarding financial aid should be directed to the school at Yale to which you are applying for admission.  Participants in the Greenberg World Fellows Program receive a compensation package, which is outlined further down this page.

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Application Questions

If I have previously applied to Yale World Fellows, may I apply again?

Applicants who have applied to a previous year’s program may submit a new application for the current cycle. However, please note that every year our pool of candidates is increasingly competitive. If you choose to apply to our program for a second time, be sure to highlight your additional achievements of the past year(s).

If I have previously applied to the Greenberg World Fellows Program, may I re-submit the previous year’s application?

No. If you choose to apply to our program for a second time, you must submit a new application with an updated résumé/CV, new letters of recommendation, and new personal statement.  

When will I learn of the final decision on my application?

Final decisions will be sent to all applicants, both successful and unsuccessful, via email by the end of April. The program cannot release the status of your application on an individual basis before this time. Please be sure to keep your application up-to-date with your most recent email address.

If I am not selected, may I solicit feedback on my application?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide feedback on individual applications due to the large number of applications.

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Letter of Recommendation questions

How does the Greenberg World Fellows Program solicit letters of recommendation from my references?

As soon as you enter and “submit” the names and email addresses of three references, emails will automatically be generated and sent from our system to your references, requesting that they submit letters of recommendation electronically on your behalf.  You are responsible for ensuring that all three references have received this email and submit their letters of recommendation by the application deadline.  Please allow your recommenders adequate time to compose and upload their letters.

How do references submit their letters of recommendation?

References will receive an automatically generated email requesting that they submit a letter on your behalf . The emails your references receive will allow them to upload their letters of recommendation directly into your application.

What is the deadline for letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation should be received by the application deadline. Letters of recommendation received after the application deadline will be accepted; however we cannot guarantee that they will be reviewed with your other application materials. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that references receive the email soliciting a letter of recommendation and submit their letters in a timely manner.

What is the typical length of a letter of recommendation?

The typical length of letters of recommendation is one to two pages.

May recommenders write letters of recommendation in languages other than English?

The Greenberg World Fellows Program only accepts letters of recommendation in English. You may need to pay for translation services if your nominator or reference is unable to submit a letter in English.

May recommenders submit a hard copy or e-mail their letter?

No, for security reasons, the Greenberg World Fellows Program will only accept letters of recommendation which are directly uploaded through the link provided in the email sent to your recommender.

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Nomination Questions

Must I be nominated, or may I just apply?

You do not need be nominated in order to apply to the program. The program gives no preference to either nominated or self-applying applicants. Applicants interested in applying to the program should proceed directly to the online application.  Please do not nominate yourself. Multiple nominations do not increase your chances.

What is the role of the “nominator?”

Applicants are not required to have a “nominator.” Nominators bring to the attention of the program qualified candidates who may not be aware of the program. A nominator may be from any country, and does not need to have an affiliation with Yale. 

May I nominate myself?

No. We do not accept self-nominations. Applicants interested in applying to the program should proceed directly to the online application.

May I have multiple nominators?

Yes, however it does not improve one’s chances of being selected as a Greenberg World Fellow.

May my nominator serve as one of my references?

Yes, your nominator may serve as one of your references. You must enter his or her name and email address into your application as a reference, and then he or she will receive an email soliciting a letter of recommendation. If your nominator has already submitted a letter of nomination for you and wishes to use this letter of nomination as a letter of recommendation, he or she must submit it a second time via the link provided to references.

May family members act as nominators and/or references?

Family members may act as nominators and/or references. However, please note that references, in particular, should be people with whom you have interacted on a professional basis and who can keenly evaluate your career progression and potential.

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Programmatic Questions

Is the fellowship degree-granting?

The Greenberg World Fellows Program does not offer admission to Yale University and does not award an academic diploma. The fellowship is not a master’s or Ph.D. program. Fellows do not receive academic credit or a transcript from Yale University.

What are the dates of the program?

The program begins in mid-August and runs through mid-December. Fellows are expected to remain at Yale for the entire duration of the program.

If I am selected, what are the time demands of the program?

The program is extremely demanding of Fellows’ time. Fellows are expected to participate in the Seminar, skill building sessions, and University classes during the day, and in presentations, dinners with distinguished speakers, and networking events several evenings each week. In addition, Fellows may be scheduled to travel for several days at a time over the course of the fellowship.

If I am selected, how much does it cost to participate in the program?

Yale Greenberg World Fellows do not pay tuition or fees of any kind to Yale University. Fellows do receive a living stipend, housing, travel reimbursement and health insurance.  

Do the families of Greenberg World Fellows usually accompany them to New Haven for the duration of the program?

The majority of Greenberg World Fellows’ families, particularly those with children, do not relocate for the duration of the program but come to New Haven for shorter visits. In making those decisions, Fellows should bear in mind the intensive nature and significant demands of the program on their time.  For those Fellows considering bringing children, our program staff can provide information regarding the availability of school and daycare center arrangements.

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Yale/New Haven Questions

Where can I find more information about Yale and New Haven?

Yale University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world.  Please visit the Yale website for information about the university and the many opportunities it offers.  New Haven is a vibrant city located between New York City and Boston. Yale maintains a comprehensive website with information about New Haven.

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