Associate World Fellows

“Where to begin? We are 18 people. We come from five continents and many disciplines. We are entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, film-makers, activists. And of course we are daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, black, white, and brown, Jews and Muslims and Hindus and atheists. We came from every corner of the earth to participate in this intense, aspirational, four-month experiment at Yale, and somehow we fused into a family. When our group is running on all cylinders, really humming, we inspire each other and critique each other, and we can generate ideas really quickly.”
- Daniel Weisfield (‘14, J.D., M.B.A) reflecting on his experience as an Associate.


Associate World Fellows are Yale graduate or professional school students. They are important contributors to the group, joining all academic, intellectual, and social aspects of the World Fellows’ experience. Up to three Associates are selected each year, and they join 16 leaders from across the globe to learn, share, connect, and challenge. As Yale students, they help World Fellows navigate the University’s extensive resources. And since the World Fellows hail from countries other than the United States, Associates are asked to contribute U.S. perspectives to the conversation.  

Associate World Fellows participate in the program’s weekly “Good Society” seminar. The seminar is specifically designed for each class of Greenberg World Fellows to cover a wide array of topics and stimulate discussion on human nature, systems of government, equality and justice, and leadership. Associates also attend weekly dinners with the Fellows and distinguished guest speakers and are encouraged to participate in a number of other activities with the Fellows such as trips to Washington, D.C. and events that feature Greenberg World Fellows on campus. Associates may receive academic credit for their participation in the program. They are expected to make a serious time commitment to the Program and are expected to be at Yale beginning on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 for orientation programming and remain on campus throughout the entire fall semester.

Meet the past Associate World Fellows.

Eligibility: The Associate Greenberg World Fellows program is open to all currently enrolled Yale Graduate and Professional School students who have completed at least one year of study at Yale prior to the Fall 2020 semester. Incoming students starting at Yale in the Fall and non-Yale students are ineligible.