Joy Olivier

Joy Olivier

Former Executive Director

Joy is a social entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience building and running IkamvaYouth; a South African non-profit, which enables youth to pull themselves and each other out of poverty through education. Having recently handed over to IkamvaYouth’s new ED, she is spending the rest of 2018 at Yale, as a World Fellow. Her academic background is in Psychology, Education and ICT.

Joy co-founded IkamvaYouth in 2003; what began as a very small, unfunded, volunteer- driven initiative in a library in Khayelitsha is today one of the largest nationally operating education non-profits in South Africa. Despite the significant scale, the organisation has continued to deliver great matric results year-on-year, with over 80% of learners accessing post-school opportunities.

Joy is passionate about learning, and finding innovative solutions to big social problems. She’s intrigued by the power of collaboration, the conversion of challenges into opportunities, and is committed to doing all she can to fight inequality and promote access to opportunities that change lives. Joy is an Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI), YALI and Ashoka fellow, and won the civil society category for the Most Influential Women in Business & Government in the SADC region in 2013.

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