Massimo Lapucci

Massimo Lapucci

Secretary General
CRT Venture Philanthropy Foundation

Being a World Fellow has been an incredible opportunity for me to step back from my ordinary and hectic life to look at the big picture of myself from a different perspective. I feel energized and am ready to return with a new and reinvented vision.

Massimo Lapucci is the Secretary General of Fondazione CRT, a foundation of banking origin based in Italy, with an endowment of about 3 billion euros. He is also the Secretary General of the Development and Growth Foundation, a foundation primarily focused on impact investing. Massimo is Managing Director of the OGR Company, whose mission is the conversion of a former large industrial building in the heart of Turin, into an innovative and experimental center for contemporary culture and company acceleration.

He has an extensive international experience as a board member for public and private companies in various industries (including finance, banking, infrastructures) and nonprofit organizations in the EU and the Americas. 

From 2017, Massimo is the Chair of the European Foundation Centre, the center for the institutional philanthropy based in Bruxelles (over 200 members from 40 countries, including the USA). Massimo is also member of the Board of the European Venture Philanthropy Association in Bruxelles and Vice President of the Social Impact Agenda for Italy.

Before assuming his current position with the Fondazione CRT, Massimo was Investment Director for Sintonia SA, a holding company based in Luxembourg. Previously, he was senior vice president for strategic planning and mergers and acquisitions for a major holding company that includes the Italian railway system.

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