Remembering Alexey photo

Remembering Alexey

The Yale World Fellows family and the entire Yale community are heartbroken by the death of Alexey Navalny, courageous Russian opposition leader and anti-corruption dissident.

Alexey, you will forever be engraved in our memories as a cherished fellow, a dear friend, and above all, a heroic figure who fearlessly fought for a better Russia and a brighter future for humanity. The moments we shared during our time as Yale World Fellows in 2010 will forever hold a special place in my heart. I will forever treasure our conversations at the Betts House, the camaraderie we experienced during our field trips, and the profound discussions we had in the alley on Chapel Street. May you find eternal peace and love, my dear friend. Your legacy will continue to inspire and uplift us all.

Diana Tsui
Yale World Fellow 2010

Let Alexey Navalny’s example of courage against Putin’s tyranny inspire the Russian people to conquest freedom and democracy. 

The truth about Navalny’s death must be investigated and justice must be pursued relentlessly.

Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León
Jackson School of Global Affairs

Alexey Navalny was a courageous figure and I was honored to call him a friend.  I am confident that his profound legacy will live on, as embodied in the aspirations of the Russian people – and oppressed peoples everywhere – who yearn for a better future. Read full statement.

Ted Wittenstein
Associate Yale World Fellow 2010
Executive Director, International Security Studies

Most of us will never be as courageous as Alexey. But maybe this makes us a little braver in standing up to injustice and in fighting to make the world a better place.

Siobhan Cleary
Yale World Fellow 2011

I only met him once as part of the Yale World Fellows Program at a reunion. There was a lot of buzz about him at the time and after meeting him, even ever so briefly, the reason for the buzz was clear. He had such presence. It was the kind of presence true leaders who are centered in justice have and convey to those around them. It is the kind of leadership that expects and inspires followers to act toward rectifying injustices. From then on, I followed his work and admired his courage. There haven’t been many examples of that kind of leadership in the world recently and the world lost a good one today.

Allison Squires
Nursing ’07; Associate Yale World Fellow 2003

A great loss to Democracy the world over. A force that will not be defeated. His fight will live on and may justice prevail.

Sally Abi Khalil
Yale World Fellow 2020

You were my primary reason to join Yale. “If,” I remember telling myself, “he went through here, there has to be value, and his humbleness should also teach me as I walk in his and many other friends’ footsteps through the fellowship program to maybe one day have the courage to step up for my country.

But you died.
You were prisoned and poisoned.
You still survived.
You were unwanted.
You were feared.
But you died.

I’m incredibly sad and angry.
I was going to follow your lead as you’d fight your way through a monstrous dictatorship, we’d all learn and keep fighting on.

how will we go on now?
in your name and spirit.
we owe you, I guess.
I feel so helpless yet strong.

thank you for setting the bar so high!
you were a modern day hero.

Ömür Kula
Yale World Fellow 2021

His example of dignity and courage inspires all people who have to stand up to the abuse of power. Evil will never triumph as long as we have brave people like Alexey Navalny refusing to lower their heads in the face of injustice.

Alberto de Belaunde
Yale World Fellow 2021

Alexey Navalny exposed Putin’s corruption and sacrificed his life in the struggle for democracy in Russia and worldwide.  He faced the tight hand of Vladimir Putin and he was brave and courageous. His example and leadership will be remembered and honored in Russia and globally. My condolences and support to his family, friends and associates.

Alexey, rest in peace.

Laura Alonso
Yale World Fellow 2021

May the soul continue its journey in peace and in the light…You dared to go back to Russia when you had the option of staying outside. May we all learn from your fearlessness.

Celine D’Cruz
Yale World Fellow 2003

Meeting your daughter at Yale last year was a testimony of the legacy that your bravery and education left in the world. Studying at the same school as you once went to will be forever a source of pride for me, and your actions will stand as an example for me throughout life. In our journeys, there will be many people that will give us lessons on how to live. You, in your own way, also left us with a lesson on what is worth dying for. Thank you for your service and may the cause that you dedicated your life to be strong enough to find new voices and political support to be carried onward.

Oscar Oliveira
MPP Class of 2025