Who We Are

Get to know us. 

Yale World Fellows brings rising stars from across disciplines and borders for an intense and unpredictable mash-up of ideas, world views and experiences. We’re a learning lab for the brightest and most creative minds working on the big issues of our time.

We’re Yale University’s signature leadership development program; unparalleled amongst peer institutions. Keep reading, you’ll soon see why.   

Giving brilliant minds the space to explore.
Each year, our flagship four month, on-campus residency program exposes 16 emerging global leaders to new ideas and ways of doing and thinking. They’re given access to all that Yale has to offer: courses, research, institutions, professors. Fellows are given time and freedom to let their minds explore. Bankers deconstruct modern art, engineers read the classics, activists demystify markets, diplomats test game theory. Brilliant minds are refreshed, challenged and expanded. 

Who are the Fellows? 
Fellows are mid-career thinkers and doers on a clear trajectory of success. They’re dynamic, creative practitioners who have already been recognized for their work and would benefit from time at Yale to explore critical global issues and cross-disciplinary studies, sharpen leadership skills and build relationships with other emerging leaders. Meet some of them here

We’re building a powerhouse of a network. 
We were created in 2002 as part of Yale’s efforts to become a more globally focused university. In a little more than a decade, we’ve developed a thriving, active network of nearly 250 World Fellows in 81 countries. Our fellows work across national boundaries and disciplines: in technology, art, finance, politics, social entrepreneurship, journalism, advocacy and more. 

Our Mission 

The mission of Yale World Fellows is to cultivate and empower a network of globally engaged leaders committed to positive change through dialog and action.

Our Goals

Leadership  We bring emerging leaders to Yale to strengthen their management skills, expand their knowledge base and expose them to new disciplines and ways of thinking. 

Dialog  Our expansive network of Fellows are currently working to deepen international understanding across sectors and national borders.

Network  We’re creating a vibrant community of global decision makers connected to Yale and to each other.

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