Yale World Fellows creates a learning lab: a place to experiment. We bring innovative, multidisciplinary thinkers and doers from around the world to Yale for four months. We give them the space and time to step back from the intensity of their work to reflect, learn and be challenged both academically and personally.  Fellows also contribute greatly to Yale through teaching, collaboration, research and more. After their time at Yale, they go on to join a growing network of more than 250 World Fellows working across the world. They stay connected to the University, and to each other.
Who are they? In our annual search for Fellows, we scour the globe for people working innovatively (and often tirelessly) across sectors to bring positive change. Fellows are mid-career. They’re already questioning stale solutions and status quo strategies and coming up with new and better ways of tackling big problems. They’re dynamic, creative practitioners – disruptive thinkers, imaginers, inventors and creatives – who have already been recognized for their work. 
So they’re already experts in their fields when they come to us. But leadership is so much more than expertise. 
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Featuring the one and only DJ Spiffy, plenty of food, and more.  
Join us! 
All 16 World Fellows will be at the Yale Af-Am House on Thursday, September 18th - ready and willing to talk, connect, collaborate and share their amazing sets of experience. They’re artists, hackers, humanitarians, journalists, human rights activists and more. Please come and meet them, make plans to connect over the semester, and find out all about their incredible work.
Special thanks to our hosts at the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale.  

Af-Am House at Yale See map
211 Park Street
New Haven, CT 06511
United States

Join World Fellow Biola Alabi in NYC for the Women: Inspiration and Enterprise Symposium 2014: 

Dolce Vita Showroom, Puck Building See map
295 Lafayette Street
New York, NY
United States