Ashraf Swelam

Ashraf Swelam

Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa

Ashraf Swelam is the Director of the Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa. Before joining the Center in 2013, Ashraf served as Lead Counsel to the Constitutional Committee that drafted the new Egyptian Constitution. On leave from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (EMFA) from 2008-2013, Ashraf was a Senior Policy Advisor to one of the leading presidential candidates (2011-12). He was also the editor and lead author of the candidate’s presidential platform. In addition, he has held senior leadership positions with key business NGOs in Egypt, including Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Egyptian National Competitiveness Council (2012) and Director General of Egypt’s International Economic Forum (2009-11). Ashraf’s early assignments at EMFA focused on international political and economic officer at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, D.C. (2000-2004); and serving in the Economic and International Cooperation departments at the Ministry. Ashraf holds a BA in Political Science and Economics from Cairo University and an LLM in International Economic Law from Warwick University (1999). In addition, he is a Yale World Fellow (2007) and a Munich Young Leader (2012). Ashraf is a visiting lecturer of Foreign Policy at the American University of Cairo (AUC). He also writes op-eds for Egyptian and international journals and newspapers, most notably the Financial Times (UK), Global Policy Journal (UK), the Yale Journal for International Affairs (USA), Die Zeit (Germany), and Suddeutsche Zeitung (Germany).  


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