Bibi Bakare-Yusuf

Bibi Bakare-Yusuf

Co-Founder and Publishing Director
Cassava Republic Press

Bibi is co-founder of one of Africa’s most important new publishing houses, where she provides editorial and strategic direction in publishing and marketing. Her life’s work is to contribute to the transformation of the African continent through production of alternative narratives and knowledge. Cassava Republic Press publishes and presents stories written by and for Africans in an effort to develop a deep culture of reading across the continent. Several books published by the press have been included in Nigeria’s national curriculum, and a series on the Millennium Development Goal subtly challenges perceptions of gender roles and introduces transformative ideas. A feminist and independent scholar, Bibi has worked as a consultant for ActionAid, Unifem, and the European Union. Recently, she started Tapestry Consulting, a boutique research and training company devoted to gender issues in Nigeria.


Cassava Republic Press, August 13, 2013

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