Huzir Sulaiman

Huzir Sulaiman

Creative Director; Joint Artistic Director
Studio Wong Huzir; Checkpoint Theatre, Singapore

The World Fellows Program is reality on steroids: turbocharged and jam-packed, dense and intense, relentless and life-changing. The Program doesn’t end here; it ends in how it has nourished and shaped our lives, in how we will continue the story. 

Collected Plays 1998-2012

Huzir works across different media, art forms, and genres - telling stories that allow people to access complex ideas in simple, personal, human ways. A celebrated playwright, his plays include the internationally acclaimed satire Atomic Jaya (1998), which asks what would happen if Malaysia decided to build an atomic bomb, and, most recently, the award-winning The Weight of Silk on Skin (2011), a meditation on women, beauty, love and loss. He heads Studio Wong Huzir, a creative consultancy, and is a Joint Artistic Director of Checkpoint Theatre, which the Financial Times (UK) called “a repository of much of [Singapore’s] best stage talent.” Huzir also writes for film, television and newspapers, and teaches playwriting at the National University of Singapore. He also publishes POSKOD.SG, the acclaimed online magazine about Singapore society. As a creative consultant, he has worked as the Creative Director of the observation deck on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and has completed a history of Temasek Holdings, an investment arm of the Singapore government. His latest book, published in 2013, is Huzir Sulaiman: Collected Plays 1998-2012.

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