Marcelo Furtado

Marcelo Furtado

Executive Director
Arapyau Institute
Lemann Fellow

Marcelo is Executive Director of Arapyaú Institute,  a private foundation owned by Guilherme Leal with the mission to promote the transition to a just and sustainable society. The Institute is part of an ecosystem of organizations committed to sustainable development while building partnerships aiming to enhance this network. As the leader of the national chapter of Greenpeace, Marcelo was and continues to be one of Brazil’s most important voices on sustainable development, climate change, and renewable energy. He has nearly 20 years of experience as an activist committed to advancing sustainability and social justice through innovation and public mobilization. Having worked with both Greenpeace Brazil and Greenpeace International since 1990, Marcelo has established himself as a visionary and strategic leader with an instinct for mobilizing support on environmental issues from all sectors and constituencies.


Rio+20: Brazil and the world need to act with vision, Strategic Review, July-September 2012.

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