Maria Corina Machado

Maria Corina Machado

Member of Parliament
National Assembly of Venezuela

I have huge admiration for what Yale as an institution represents.  I hope I will be able to give back, and promote the values and the knowledge that I have learned here in my country.

Maria Corina currently represents the state of Miranda in the National Assembly of Venezuela. She leads the Independent Parliamentary Faction and sits on the Interior Policy Committee. She also ran as an independent presidential candidate in the opposition primaries held in February 2012. Previously, she co-founded and was chairman of SUMATE, Venezuela’s leading watchdog for electoral transparency and promoter of civil liberties and political rights. Under Maria Corina´s guidance, SUMATE´s network of volunteers grew to include more than 30,000 members from all over Venezuela. In 2004, using the right granted by the new Bolivarian Constitution to call for popular referendums, SUMATE successfully organized national petition-signing drives that reached more than a quarter of all registered voters in the country.


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Machado discusses the April 14, 2013 Venezuelan presidential elections in an interview with the Yale World Fellows Program.

TEDx Talk (video): Democracy: Use it or Lose it, TEDxYaleWorldFellows, April 2011

See more videos on Maria Corina Machado’s YouTube channel.

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