Martín Lousteau

Martín Lousteau

CEO and President

Martín is one of Argentina’s most respected economists, having served as Minister of Economy and Production and as President of the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires. He ran for mayor of Buenos Aires in 2015, losing the election by a narrow margin. He currently runs LCG SA, a macroeconomic and political consultancy firm that advises large companies, governments, and politicians. He helped guide Argentina’s recovery through the 2001 political and economic crisis as an advisor to the governor of the Central Bank of Argentina during the monetary, financial and exchange rate restructuring process. Martín writes a weekly column for La Nacion, Argentina’s oldest and second largest newspaper, and has published three books, including the 2011 best-seller, Economía 3D.



Otra Vuelta a la Economía, © 2012

Economía 3D, © 2011

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