Michael Cappello, M.D.

Michael Cappello, MD is the Director of the Yale World Fellows program, a multidisciplinary Yale University leadership training program for exceptional mid-career professionals. Dr. Cappello graduated from Brown University with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Ethics and received an MD from Georgetown University.  He joined the Yale faculty in Pediatric Infectious Diseases in 1996. Since then Dr. Cappello has developed a laboratory and field based research program that is focused on the global health impact of parasitic diseases in children. In 2002, he founded the Yale Program in International Child Health, which coordinates and develops global initiatives in pediatric research, clinical care and medical education. This Program expanded in 2007 with the establishment of a training initiative with the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research at the University of Ghana aimed at building African research capacity in global infectious diseases. In 2007, Dr. Cappello received the Bailey K. Ashford Medal from the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, awarded for distinguished work in tropical medicine.