Salvatore Iaconesi

Salvatore Iaconesi

Principal and Co-founder
Art is Open Source

Salvatore is a designer, robotics engineer, artist, hacker and principal and co-founder of Art is Open Source.  A TED Fellow (2012) and an Eisenhower Fellow (2013), his work explores the growing intersection between technology and art. As a way of commenting on and interacting with an ever-changing world, Salvatore has produced video games, artificial intelligences, expert systems for business and scientific research, entertainment systems, mobile ecosystems and interactive architectures. While based in Italy, Salvatore’s artwork and performances have been featured worldwide. He teaches digital design at La Sapienza University of Rome, and actively participates in global discussions and actions around themes of freedom of expression, big data and on potential future scenarios for our planet. 


Why I open-sourced cures to my cancer:  Salvatore Iaconesi at TEDGlobal 2013,, June 14, 2013


My open source cure: Salvatore Iaconesi at TEDxTransmedia, TEDx Talks, Published November 4, 2012

Ubiquitous information in cities, Salvatore Iaconesi, Published December 27, 2013

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